A Week of Protest, Preparation, Mourning

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The membership of AAUP/FASTR wish to declare the week of December 14-19, 2015 A Week of Protest, Preparation, and Mourning in response to the President’s proposals for terminating 23 fired colleagues and 28 programs at the College. Many faculty will be expressing solidarity with those who are targeted for being fired, and  to express opposition to, and outrage over, the  lack of compassion and shared governance displayed throughout this rushed prioritization process.  Our outrage and solidarity will be expressed  through several events this week: We also will seek to help affected faculty to grieve the arbitrary an unfounded threats of dismissal they were informed of last Friday (12/11/2015). Here are the events:

Tuesday, December 15, 11:45 am – D(ecision) Day Funeral, Moran Hall. Please assemble with colleagues in front of Moran Hall (the first building used by the College’s founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph), for a funeral march to mourn the proposed terminations of our 23 colleagues and 28 programs. The march will proceed around and through the campus.  Please wear black and display the number “23” for the number of faculty who have been threatened with termination.

Tuesday, December 15, 4:00 pm – An AAUP Grievance and Legal Information Session: Donna Young, Attorney, Albany Law AAUP Chapter President and Mark Mishler, Attorney. Location:SCIENCE CENTER 369. This session is designed for faculty who wish to ask questions about AAUP policies regarding violations of nationally recognized academic policies and employment laws relevant to pursuing grievances through Faculty Review (the FRC), later legal actions, and later potential individual and group legal actions in response to wrongful termination. Everyone is welcome–remember it is possible that this round in only the first of attempted terminations of faculty!

Thursday, December 17, 4:00 pmA Faculty Review Committee (FRC) Info Session (EAC President’s Dining Room): FRC chair Dr. Jenise DePinto and other committee members will advise those who received termination notices how to prepare materials for a timely appeal to the FRC.  Faculty wishing to appeal their terminations must email Dr. DePinto within 15 days of receiving their termination notifications (delivered last Friday for almost all of those affected).  This session will advise faculty about the materials they should submit and the processes they should pursue to grieve their threatened terminations.  ALL AFFECTED FACULTY SHOULD FILE A GRIEVANCE WITH THE FRC TO PRESERVE THEIR RIGHT TO PURSUE LATER LEGAL ACTION!!  Failure to file with FRC risks losing all future avenues of redress!

Thursday, December 17, 4:30 pm – Candle Light Vigil and Carol Protest (In front of the Administration Building, 1000 Madison Avenue):  Join us for a protest of the proposed firings and program terminations and the death of shared governance at The College of Saint Rose.

I hope you can attend each of these events, a strong turnout will show support for our colleagues and each other, as well as for the principles of shared governance and tenure, and academic freedom.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

In solidarity,

Kathleen Crowley, AAUP/FASTR Chapter President