Upcoming Events

protest 1Mark your calendars and plan to turn out to each and every one. We can still influence the outcomes of SAPP!

Mark your calendars for these future events to push back on the cuts and to make faculty and student voices heard on campus and BEYOND! The greater our numbers, the greater our impact! We are making a difference. Please come to as many of these events as you possibly can–let’s keep up the pressure and the media attention.
•December 2: Faculty/Student Day: 11:45-1:30 Student “Write In–Why I opposed the cuts” on giant post it notes in the Main Lounge, Campus Center. THEN 2:30-4:00 “Faculty/Student/ Admin(?) Q & A on the Cuts” Standish A &B.

•December 3: 12:45-1:30 “Support for Adjuncts Rally” outside Madison Ave entrance to Lally. We will hold signs and blare protest music as adjuncts pursue contract negotiations (once again) with admin inside Lally.

•December 11: 3:00-??? Holiday Gathering for all Faculty at the Washington Tavern, sponsored by FASTR and SEIU–cash bar, food provided.

•December 15: D(ecision) Day Mock Funeral March. AT 11:45 am, we will gather in front of Moran Hall (the college’s first building) and march around/through campus to mourn the loss of programs and colleagues. We need horn players and drummers to play a funeral dirge as we march and we should get some black arm bands. We should have some fake coffins filled with a symbolic faculty corpse and the names of our lost programs (or suspected loss programs if we still have no announcements.) We will end the march in front of our newest academic building, Huether Hall.

•December 17: Candle light Vigil and Caroling (parodies) 4:30-5:30 pm, in front of the Administration Building.

•January 11: Those attending “Convocation Day”–wear black or at least a black arm band. 4:00 “Unhappy Hour” at Junior’s.


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