Meeting: 20 Nov 2015


Dear Faculty Colleagues,

This is an open invitation to all faculty members from our AAUP/FASTR chapter to attend a meeting this coming Friday at 3:00 pm in Science Center 369 where we will hold a brainstorming session to consider best ways for terminated faculty to prepare materials for the Faculty Review Committee (FRC) and any subsequent actions. The Faculty Manual notes that “Faculty subject to layoff due to necessary program reductions have the opportunity for appeal through the Faculty Review Committee. Appeals must be filed within 15 working days of the notice of layoff” (p. 36). We will discuss and try to determine if/how this time frame will potentially be affected by the closure of the College over the winter holidays and how the procedures (which are spelled out in relation to termination for cause, but not layoffs) can best be applied to the impending layoffs. We also will discuss Weingarten rights. We hope to be joined by Professor Donna Young, Albany Law AAUP Chapter President and one of her colleagues for this brainstorming session.  Please let me know if you have questions. I hope to see you at this important meeting.

Best wishes, Kathleen Crowley, AAUP Chapter President

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