Open Letter to My Colleagues at UW Madison

How do we change the rhetoric of this discussion?

AAUP // UW-Milwaukee Chapter

Nan Enstad UW Madison

When I first arrived at UW Madison fourteen years ago, the renowned history professor emeritus (now deceased), Gerda Lerner, said to me in her thick, Austrian accent, “UW Madison is a world-class university. Into any field you venture, any new project you take on, you will find that there is a national or global expert on that topic here on campus. It is an extraordinarily creative place that will nurture your scholarly growth no matter what direction you turn.”

Gerda would be horrified to know that the UW system is now under attack by our own state government, which is seemingly intent on jeopardizing one of its greatest assets. How do we move to protect UW?

Many of us hope that we can trust Chancellor Rebecca Blank to defend the public institution that she now steers into the future. Her statements on tenure, though, are contradictory…

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