Announcing new Saint Rose AAUP chapter

Dear Colleagues,

More than 30 founding faculty members are proud to announce a new addition to our campus: A College of Saint Rose chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)! Our members have pledged as scholars and teachers to uphold the mission of the College and our students’ right to an outstanding education. Faculty develop and deliver the curriculum. Through our academic labor, we promote institutions and practices that foster active citizenship in a democratic society. To advance this work, our chapter will defend and promote academic freedom, insist on genuine shared governance, and protect the professional status and interest of all faculty members. We will facilitate the dissemination of information on higher education principles and practices, inform our community about AAUP standards and policy statements that should guide college policy-making, and develop chapter programming to help our faculty become effective advocates for our students, our colleagues, and our mission.

The AAUP is the oldest and most effective educational advocacy group in the United States. Since its founding in 1915, the organization has strongly supported and defended tenure rights, articulated widely respected policies governing academic freedom, and created a robust national advocacy network that connects and represents all faculty members.  AAUP researchers collect, analyze, and distribute reliable data about the state of higher education. They provide accurate, current information about wage and enrollment trends, contingent employment, policies governing program prioritization and retrenchment, and other vital topics facing faculty members today. AAUP also provides expert consultation to members on matters such as employment law, shared governance, budgetary oversight, freedom of speech, respect for tenure, and fair employment practices. Currently, over 450 AAUP chapters serve the profession by supporting principles and programs that vitally affect the quality of higher education and professional life.

Our new AAUP chapter welcomes all faculty members – full, part-time, adjunct, and/or retired—as we join together to promote and protect the values articulated in the College’s Mission Statement, Statement on Integrity, and Governance Document.  Membership benefits are wide-ranging. Annual dues are calculated on a sliding scale and can be paid in monthly installments.  To join, visit

Your membership will be confidential, known only to the chapter President and the Membership Office of the National Association.

The Saint Rose AAUP chapter has taken this exciting and important step to participate more fully in the national conversation on higher education and to advocate for students and faculty at Saint Rose and across our region. We look forward to actively partnering with the College’s executive administration and Board of Trustees in the weeks and years ahead to ensure that faculty, through their duly elected representatives and established governance structures, use their academic expertise to lead the development of the plans, policies, and actions that shape our College’s future.  A strong faculty voice is essential to ensure that The College of Saint Rose provides outstanding educational opportunities, enhances the value of a Saint Rose degree, and builds its national and international reputation for academic excellence in both our liberal arts and professional programs.

If you have questions, please contact one of our chapter officers listed below or visit our website at

Collegially yours,

Kathleen Crowley, Chapter President

Angela Ledford, Vice President

Bridgett Williams-Searle, Secretary

Mary Alice Molgard, Treasurer